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Meet Eric Bryant – Cereal City Pediatrics

“NEWITY came and helped us in our time of need, definitely forever grateful.”
Eric Bryant
Owner and Pediatrician at Cereal City Pediatrics, Battle Creek, Michigan

Knowing that your children are receiving the best available medical care from knowledgeable and compassionate doctors and nurses is the number one priority when it comes to pediatric care. When your child falls ill, you can count on this practice to be open because they are one of the few in the area offering extended hours of evenings and weekends reserved for sick children. This is the go-to pediatrics office in Battle Creek Michigan: Cereal City Pediatrics.

Eric Bryant is one of the pediatricians and owners of Cereal City Pediatrics in Battle Creek Michigan. From the very first newborn checkup to the unique health concerns of adolescents and every childhood illness in between, the caring providers have the expertise to help safely navigate all aspects of children’s healthcare. As one of the few pediatric offices in Battle Creek offering extended hours, they are the most available to meet your family’s needs for both health checkups and sick visits. The providers are of a variety of ages and personalities, but the one thing they have in common is their love for children in all stages of development. Cereal City Pediatrics is there every step of the way as their patients grow and mature.

As one of the few pediatrics offices in the area, this practice was truly on the front lines during COVID. It was a challenge to figure out how to safely see patients during the pandemic and keep their doors open. The doctors began seeing patients out of their cars to continue treating children. A lot of uncertainty came about not just from the virus, but from the economic impact that the pandemic had on the practice.

Eric knew that the pandemic was impacting the practice’s financial health. When the SBA opened PPP for applications, the staff decided to submit all the necessary paperwork to try to secure a loan. A few hours after submitting the paperwork, the pediatricians were in disbelief – their legacy bank that they had been using for years told them that they didn’t qualify for PPP. After revisiting the requirements, Eric was sure that Battle Creek met or exceeded all SBA standards, but the legacy bank was unresponsive to their requests to revisit their PPP file.

Fortunately, they didn’t give up hope. It came to Eric’s attention that NEWITY was processing PPP loans. Just a few hours after sending the paperwork to NEWITY, they heard that the application was submitted to the SBA and they could await their PPP funds. After getting the runaround for weeks, NEWITY helped Eric confirm their eligibility within hours and supported Cereal City Pediatrics with their capital need. The office was able to stay open and continue carrying for children at a crucial time, a global pandemic.

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To qualify for an SBA 7(a) small business loan, your business must be:

  1. U.S.-based and operated
  2. Owner supported / owner funded
  3. Eligible per the SBA’s requirements

Your loan amount will determined by the business’ average annual revenue, FICO score, and years in business