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Meet Lamar Jones – The Jank Gourmet BBQ Sauce

Lamar Jones, owner of The Jank Gourmet BBQ Sauce.
"Businesses that exist like NEWITY that are able to help you navigate funding are a big deal."
Lamar Jones
Owner of The Jank Gourmet BBQ Sauce

The Jank Gourmet BBQ Sauce, owned by Lamar Jones, has the mission to revolutionize the world of BBQ sauces, delivering unique flavors that elevate every meal while promoting good health.

Initially, when Lamar began his business, he encountered challenges in securing a business loan because of his low credit score. As a result, he had to resort to a loan with high interest rates to keep his business afloat. As Lamar’s business began to grow faster than anticipated, his credit score rapidly improved. When Lamar discovered he might qualify for an SBA 7(a) loan, he reached out to us at NEWITY for support in securing an SBA loan to further fuel the growth of his BBQ sauce business. 

The SBA loan application process can be difficult to navigate alone. “It’s not as user friendly as you would think it would be,” said Lamar. Thankfully, we helped bridge the gap between himself and the SBA to get him the funds he needed.

He found our SBA 7(a) loan application process very easy. He appreciated the convenience of our user-friendly online portal, which allowed him to submit all his documents in one place. Additionally, he valued our team’s accessibility, knowing that he could easily pick up the phone and call our team with any questions along the way. Through our guidance, we were able to help Lamar receive a low interest, long-term SBA 7(a) loan.  

Lamar Jones recommends that small business owners utilize the support offered by our company to navigate the 7(a) loan process. We are delighted to have supported Lamar in obtaining the necessary funds to expand his business and continue spreading The Jank Gourmet BBQ Sauce across the nation. 

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To qualify for an SBA 7(a) small business loan, your business must be:

  1. U.S.-based and operated
  2. Owner supported / owner funded
  3. Eligible per the SBA’s requirements

Your loan amount will determined by the business’ average annual revenue, FICO score, and years in business