The 7 Insurance Policies Every Restaurant Needs

When you first decided to open a restaurant, it was likely because of your love of food or a great concept idea. But having the right protections in place is key to keeping your restaurant open in the long-term while minimizing risk for yourself, your partners, your employees and your family. Every restaurant and food service business is different, which means each one will have different insurance needs. However, there are some crucial policies that every business in the restaurant industry should have.

Frank Dowie | | Insurance 8 minutes to read

Social Media Marketing For Small Business Owners

As a small business owner , you know better than anyone that marketing can make or break your business. In 2022, social media marketing is a crucial component of any successful growth strategy. It’s typical for members of a small business team to wear many hats. No matter your role or familiarity with social media, we’re here to help. This quick guide outlines why social media marketing is important, 10 tips for setting up your social media strategy, and the easiest way to get started.

Alex Detweiler | | Marketing 5 Minutes to read

Should I Hire A Lawyer To Ensure I’ve Organized My Business Properly?

If you didn’t get the advice of a lawyer when you started your business or if you’ve experienced changes since you started your business, it’s a good idea to consult with a lawyer to ensure that your business is organized in the correct legal form. Using the correct legal form can protect you and your assets from your business’ debts and liabilities. If there’s more than one owner of your business, you need to properly document the relationship among the different owners.

Eric Colandrea | | Legal 9 minutes to read

How Do Self Employed Individuals Calculate Payroll Costs For PPP Forgiveness?

If you are an Independent Contractor, Self-Employed Individual, or Sole Proprietor with no employees, your payroll costs are calculated straight from your Schedule C.

Harold Lichtenstein | | PPP 3 minutes to read

What to Know About Life Insurance for Business Owners

The goal as a business owner with a life insurance policy is to protect your business as well as your family financially, while ensuring that you’re not paying for more than you need, when you pass away. The best life insurance policy to consider is the one that safeguards the people you love and the business you’ve dedicated your life to building.

| | Insurance 6 minutes to read

How To Plan Your Marketing Roadmap

In small business marketing, it pays to have a plan. Business owners can derive the most value from their marketing efforts by tracking key metrics of project success, staying organized, and efficiently pivoting away from strategies that are not working. “If no plan is in place,” notes Alex Detweiler, VP of Business Services at NEWITY, "entrepreneurs essentially throw their marketing budget against the wall and hope that something sticks.”

Alex Detweiler | | Marketing 8 minutes to read

PPP Simple Forgiveness Journey using Form 3508S

If your PPP loan amount is $150,000 or less, you qualify to file for forgiveness using Form 3508S which is a one-page simplified version of Form 3508.

Harold Lichtenstein | | PPP 3 Minutes to read

What is Managed Accounting?

Whether you own your own business and work from your home or you run a large enterprise, there are countless responsibilities competing for your attention each day. Learn how managed accounting can help support you and your business.

Alex Detweiler | | Accounting 12 minutes to read

Using 7(a) Working Capital Financing To Fight Rising Costs Due To Inflation

Inflation in the United States has soared in the past year to 8.5% and according to many experts it is here to stay for the next 12-18 months. For many small businesses, taking out a business loan is the best way to combat inflation right now.

Colin Fortner | | Business Loans 7 minutes to read

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