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A Business Insurance Roadmap

Frank Dowie
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Your company changes over time, follow our roadmap to understand the insurance decisions you need to make along the way.

Dream Up

You have a brilliant idea for a business and plenty of passion. You’ve studied the market and crafted a business plan. Ready to make it real?

  • Do you know how much insurance you’ll need?
  • Or what you should expect to pay?
  • Or if you have extra risks?

Scheduling an insurance consultation with a licensed expert can give you confidence and help prepare you to make your business dream a reality.

Start Up

You’re selling your product or service from a new space or your own home. You’re signing contracts with partners and vendors, and you’ve started marketing to potential customers.

  • Do you sell products? Rent or own a building? Have the cash to handle a lawsuit?
    A BUSINESS OWNER’S POLICY protects your property if it is damaged and can also cover legal costs if your business causes accidental harm to a 3rd party (General Liability).
  • Are you hiring?
    WORKERS’ COMP can provide benefits to employees who are injured on the job. (Required in most states if you have employees.)
  • Do you have business vehicles?
    COMMERCIAL AUTO can cover you if one causes damage to others or their property.
  • Do you perform a professional service?
    PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY can cover your legal costs if a client isn’t happy with your work.


Build Up

You’re  becoming profitable and your success depends on making the right connections and hiring the best talent.

  • Want to hold onto your assets?
    UMBRELLA COVERAGE can extend your protection when you reach the limits of your General Liability, Workers’ Comp, or Commercial Auto.
  • What if you have a data breach?
    CYBER LIABILITY COVERAGE can cover first and third party loss related to a data breach.
  • How will you recruit the best people?
    SMALL GROUP BENEFITS let you offer affordable health insurance and other benefits to help you establish your position as an employer of choice


Grow Up

Your company is proving itself in the marketplace. You have loyal customers, name recognition, and a solid reputation. You can keep going and growing or  consider selling your business.

  • Do you have a big, growing workforce?
    EMPLOYMENT PRACTICE LIABILITY helps you cover the claims and legal costs of allegations of harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, etc.
  • What if you or a crucial leader passes away?
    KEY EXECUTIVE LIFE INSURANCE can compensate your business for an immeasurable loss to help your company continue to succeed. PLUS you’ll want access to an attorney and a risk manager who will keep a close eye on everything you do.

This expert information comes from our exclusive insurance partner Mylo.

To learn more about how Mylo tailors insurance coverage to fit your unique business, visit Mylo in your NEWITY portal.

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