Using 7(a) Working Capital Financing To Fight Rising Costs Due To Inflation

Inflation in the United States has soared in the past year to 8.5% and according to many experts it is here to stay for the next 12-18 months. For many small businesses, taking out a business loan is the best way to combat inflation right now.

Colin Fortner | | Business Loans 7 minutes to read

Financial Templates: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, and Personal Financial Statement

One of the most important items on the list of a small business owner is to keep track of their finances. After guiding many small business owners through the weeds of compiling financial statements, NEWITY has come up with the top three financial template walkthroughs to make your bookkeeping easy and accurate.  

Julia Lukicheva | | Business Loans 5 minutes to read

Introduction to the SBA 7(a) Working Capital Loan Program

Learn more about 7(a) Working Capital Loans with Adam Zaabel, as he guides business owners through a series of video walkthroughs about what it takes to get your business the capital it needs.

Adam Zaabel | | Business Loans 1 minute to read

The Best Loan Option for Small Businesses

Even with a history of strong operations and good credit, many small business owners find that they do not fit the credit standards of traditional banks.

Adam Zaabel | | Business Loans 5 minutes to read

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