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Meet Esosa Edosomwan – The Raw Girl

Elizabeth Wisniewski
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"I found NEWITY when I didn’t have any other financing options. I was like “Thank God,” they kept me alive, and now we are in such a great place.”
Esosa Edosomwan
Owner of Raw Girl

Esosa Edosomwan, the founder of Raw Girl, is a certified nutrition specialist and behavioral coach. She helps people resolve their health conditions by getting to the root cause using diet, supplements, and lifestyle interventions. Using a holistic approach, she has helped people reverse hypertension, reverse diabetes, and lose hundreds of pounds. Raw Girl being an international business, Esosa has delivered real results to people with health conditions across several continents.

Esosa’s business boomed during the Covid-19 Pandemic, however shortly after, her business began to slow down like never before. Realizing she was financially unprepared to support her business during this plateau, she began searching for solutions.  

Esosa expressed concern getting access to capital as a female business owner and as a person of color. Even with good credit, Esosa was turned away by banks when looking for access to capital as a new small business. 

During her search, Esosa found NEWITY and reached out about getting access to capital through an SBA 7(a) loan. Working together, NEWITY was able to help Esosa navigate the SBA 7(a) application process quickly and seamlessly, allowing Esosa to keep her business alive through a slower growth period. For Esosa, working with a company like NEWITY was a really big deal to help fill in the financial gap for small businesses like hers.  

Reflecting, Esosa has learned the importance of financial planning for unexpected economic slumps. With the SBA 7(a) funds, Esosa has confidently grown her business and continue to help countless people achieve their health goals across the globe.

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To qualify for an SBA 7(a) small business loan, your business must be:

  1. U.S.-based and operated
  2. Owner supported / owner funded
  3. Eligible per the SBA’s requirements

Your loan amount will determined by the business’ average annual revenue, FICO score, and years in business