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Meet Christine and Jonathon Erdeljac – Jonathon’s Diner

Elizabeth Wisniewski
5 Minutes to read
“The future is looking really good thanks to partners like NEWITY. It’s nice to know that you have a partner that’s honest, you can work with, is efficient, and do what they say they’re going to do.”
Christine and Jonathon Erdeljac
Owners of Jonathon's Diner

Jonathon’s Diner, located in Oak Cliff, Texas, is a “scratch kitchen” that is very much part of the local community. They are known for Chef Jonathan’s signature dishes and serving some of the best comfort food. They have been in the business for twelve years and have successfully kept themselves relevant.

The owners of the diner, Christine and Jonathon Erdeljac, began to face problems after roughly eight years of business due to aging equipment that needed maintenance. Jonathon found himself operating as the plumber, dishwasher, and chef to keep up with day-to-day operations. Additionally, the Erdeljacs employ around twenty people, so they needed extra money to get back on top.

The Erdeljacs had already begun the process of filing for ERC when they learned about our ERC Fast Track program. They felt the  process with our ERC team was quick, and easy, even with our shut down interview process. We were proud to help Christine and Jonathon receive cash for their ERC claim within weeks of filing for the IRS – they didn’t have to wait for months to re-invest in their business.

After completing ERC, we helped the Erdeljacs apply for an SBA 7(a) loan to help them finance crucial working capital needs for the diner. The Erdeljacs were struggling to find a group who would work with them. They felt the market wasn’t favorable in lending to restaurants, even though Jonathon’s Diner had a strong business plan that they were carrying out in real-time.

Christine and Jonathon were grateful to find us to help them through the SBA 7(a) process. They felt we were a partner who simplified the application process and was efficient, honest, and had the Erdeljacs’ best interest in mind. Jonathon’s Diner received the funding it needed to return to normal operations and now the Erdeljacs are opening a new location in North Dallas, Texas.

We are grateful to have supported Jonathan’s Diner and we are thrilled they are creating a successful future for their business. We would look forward to acting as their trusted service provider for future funding.

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