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Meet Dr. Thomas Dawes – Dawes Family Medicine

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“NEWITY re-ran the numbers and I asked, ‘is this real’? I had a second accountant look it over and they said, ‘Yeah, this is what needed to be done.’ I was blown away.”
Dr. Thomas Dawes
Owner of Dawes Family Medicine

Dawes Family Medicine is repeatedly described as being friendly, helpful, and a medical group that has helped saved lives, often after misdiagnosis from another office. Located in Santa Maria, California, Dawes Family Medicine is a full-service family medicine practice, serving patients aged five all the way to an individual who is now 107. 

With four different providers, Dr. Thomas Dawes and his team go above and beyond to get their patients care. They want you to feel like you’re a part of their family. Dr. Dawes has been serving his local community for over 22 years and has become the long-standing care provider for many of his patients. 

Like many small businesses, the pandemic created challenges for Dawes Family Medicine, especially as a group on the front lines. When the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) was announced, it was important to Dr. Dawes to continue supporting his team. Dr. Dawes’ bank directed him to NEWITY, who helped him secure a PPP loan quickly and efficiently, describing the process as seamless and super easy. 

When Dr. Dawes heard about the Employee Retention Credit (“ERC”), he wanted to check their eligibility. After his accountant provided him with generic answers noting they wouldn’t qualify, Dr. Dawes was surprised since they served as a primary care office throughout the pandemic that was continuously staffed. 

Dr. Dawes decided to contact NEWITY, who re-ran their numbers, checked local mandates, and created a thirty-page memo reasoning why Dawes Family Medicine qualified for ERC. Dr. Dawes asked a second accountant to review NEWITY’s paperwork, asking for verification that NEWITY’s work and calculations were real. The accountant confirmed, yes, NEWITY’s calculation is exactly what needed to be done. Dr. Dawes was blown away.  

After filing for ERC with NEWITY, Dr. Dawes received his ERC refund from the IRS in several months. He felt it was a breath of fresh air to be able to pay back some of the loans he had taken out to keep the practice alive. NEWITY has been glad to help Dr. Dawes’ office continue to be a leading provider in California’s central coast. 

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To qualify for an SBA 7(a) small business loan, your business must be:

  1. U.S.-based and operated
  2. Owner supported / owner funded
  3. Eligible per the SBA’s requirements

Your loan amount will determined by the business’ average annual revenue, FICO score, and years in business