David CodyCo-Founder / Co-CEO

Strategic Guidance + External Partnerships for NEWITY

30+ years of Asset Management, Business Development, and Capital Formation Experience

David Cody brings three decades of asset management, business development, and capital formation experience as Senior Advisor to NEWITY. David has established a proven track record of identifying market and industry dislocations and building successful funds around them.

Managing Member of Galway Advisors, Advisory Firm

Galway Advisors partners with alternative asset management firms to commercialize their investment thesis. David Cody brings direct or secondary involvement in the development of more than 300 asset management products. He also has capital formation and distribution experience raising over $50 billion across asset classes and products in both institutional and retail channels.

Former Partner at Fortress Investment Group and Co-Founder / CEO of MatlinPatterson Asset Management L.P.

An early partner of Fortress Investment Group, David Cody developed new businesses while growing assets under management to more than $40 billion, expanding both the scope and reach of the firm during his tenure. After departing Fortress in 2010, David served as the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of MatlinPatterson Asset Management L.P. (“MPAM”).