Surviving and Thriving with Small Business Consulting

Nearly one in five (18.4%) private sector businesses fail within the first year in the U.S.; 49.7% fail within five years and 65.5% fail within ten years. How can you prepare your business to beat these statistics? Harvard Business School states that business consultants circulate innovative ideas and new knowledge within their industries that can help small business owners overcome key challenges and thrive well beyond ten years.

Frank Dowie | | Business Consulting 4 minutes to read

SWOT Analysis for 2023 Planning

Small businesses are operating in a very different world post-pandemic. While COVID-19 created new obstacles for companies of all sizes, we can apply the lessons learned during the pandemic to develop better business plans for 2023 and beyond.  One of the most important pieces of any business plan is a SWOT analysis. 

Frank Dowie | | Business Consulting 4 minutes to read

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